Mistakes, Misery, and Remedy.


Hello all,

Today, I want to talk about something that lately has been on mind. We as humans sometimes have demons that we have to figure out for ourselves. We have demons that cause us to make mistakes and sometimes that can cause pain and misery not just for us but for the people around us. We are the only people that can fix our demons, and sometimes it takes someone that means a lot to us to step away from us for awhile or forever for us to realize just how bad that demon really is.

Demons can be things from being too overbearing, trying to rush something, wanting to be involved too much, not being patient all the way using drugs. Demons come in all shapes and sizes.  I want to write today about some of my demons and explain some of the reasons that these demons exist in my life. NOW let me be clear, these reasons are NOT excuses to continue to allow your demons to dictate your life but understanding the reason behind your demons is the first step in CRUSHING them.

Growing up from first grade all the way through high school, and even into college I was the kid in the class that everyone made fun off. I was called names from Fag, Trailer Trash, Gay, Homosexual, Ugly, and many more that I can not begin to list. In school I was overweight. Which even caused more problem and allowed more names.

Trevor (Senior High School) 2010

Going into my adult life it has caused problems. It has caused me to be overbearing with people that I care about, and being very overpowering in new friendships and ultimately causing problems within those friendships, because when I get a friend that I value I will admit that I can get “clingy” and want to be in constant contact.

Here are a few things that I have learned recently, some within the last week and that I wanted to share with you today.

  • Your friends are your friends, YOU DO NOT have to be in contact with them every day for them to care about you, and for them to be there for you, the best friendships are the ones that you don’t have to be in contact every day, every week, or every month but you know if you call them in the middle of the night and if you are 2,000 miles away that they are going to get on a plane, and be there as soon as possible.
  • A friendship is a friendship, the purpose of a friendship is to be there for each other when you need each other.
  • Friends are always going to want what is best for you, even if that means that they have to give you tough love that is ultimately going to cause some pain. In most cases it causes them more pain then it causes you.

We are humans, and every friendship has it tiffs. This is the one thing that I would recommend that you do during those times. Take a step back, step into their shoes, and look at the situation from their perspective. Sometimes as humans we focus on the “me” part of the situation and not the “them” part of the situation. Meaning we are always trying to prove that we are right, which causes more problems. So, something that I have had to do recently is ask myself:

  1. How have my actions impacted their daily life?
  2. How do my actions make my friends feel about my behaviors and actions?
  3. What do I need to change, or work on to improve our friendship?

Now keep in mind that when I say “CHANGE” IT IS NOT CHANGING WHO YOU ARE. It is changing those small actions and behaviors that cause problems. Once you get these under control you see how everything will change for the better.

To my readers that were bullied in school, or even in adult life. YOU MATTER, YOU ARE VALUED, YOU ARE CARED ABOUT, and YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO IF YOU NEED IT. (Reach out via email, my Facebook, or Instagram) Click on each of those to be directed to those pages.

To the readers who might be going through situations like I just wrote about, just be yourself, continue to improve you, and continue to improve how you are going to be the best you.

In situations like I have described where someone has stepped out of your life for awhile or forever, the best thing you can do is to SHOW them through your ACTIONS that you are changing those behaviors. Make sure to apologize, but then follow that apology with ACTION.

Everyone has demons, it is NOT just a select group of people. In these situations, it doesn’t hurt to pray either.




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